Q-SYS Scaling & Feature License Breakdown

Q-SYS Scaling & Feature License Quick Reference Charts

Q-SYS has the unique ability to let you easily add features and functionality at the software level, enabling your system to easily scale when you need it, and continue to evolve well into the future. Following a similar paradigm as the Q-SYS UCI Deployment and Scripting Engine feature licenses, Q-SYS Scaling licenses allow you to leverage the unique software-based nature of the Q-SYS Platform to scale targeted feature sets which tailor your Q-SYS Core Nano or Core 8 Flex to the needs of specific applications and use cases. These licenses extend Q-SYS capabilities to provide even greater scalability and granularity of product choice for a broader range of projects and sizes.

Below are charts summarizing the Q-SYS Scaling and Feature Licenses:

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