PoE Powering the QSC NV-32-H

PoE Powering the QSC NV-32-H

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Updated on: 2/21/2023


The Q-SYS NV-32-H Network Video Endpoint and NV-32-H (Core Capable) can use PoE++ or an external power source. The units do not ship with an external power supply. 

PoE++ Requirements

The injector or switch must be rated for 802.3bt Type 4 PoE++ and provide up to 90 watts. Do not attempt to power the NV-32-H from a network switch unless you confirm that it meets this specification. 

Note: This wattage requirement exceeds the power available from the Q-SYS NS Dell switches available from Q-SYS.

We highly recommend using the ++ model of NS Series Gen 2 Network switches, NS10-720++ and the NS26-1440++, when powering the NV-3-2H over PoE++. This will eliminate the need for additional hardware.

Below is a sample list of two suitable PoE injectors for powering the NV-32-H and NV-32-H (Core Capable). Q-SYS engineers have evaluated these but there are other equivalent solutions as well.
  1. Microsemi PD-9601GO
  2. Phihong USA POE90U-1BT

Note: Q-SYS engineers have evaluated these to perform reliably. While there may be other equivalent solutions, Q-SYS recommends using injectors that have been thoroughly tested.

It has been determined through internal testing and reports from the field that intermittent operation is found when using the following PoE injectors for powering the NV-32-H. These PoE injectors are not recommended for use with the NV-32-H
  1. Cudy POE400
  2. Cudy POE350
  3. Trendnet TPE-119GI

External Power Supply Requirements

The external power supply must be rated for 48V 1.5 - 2.5A DC. (2A power supply is recommended for extended cable runs. This resource can help calculate voltage drop over distance.)

Below is a link to a very economical DC power supply that Q-SYS engineers have evaluated and found suitable for powering the NV-32-H. Other equivalent solutions exist as well.
  1. COOLM AC 100-240V to DC 48V 2A Power Supply Adapter (Retail link)

What about Phantom Power?

The audio input on the NV-32-H Network Video Endpoint and NV-32-H (Core Capable) does not offer phantom power. It is a PC-level audio input that offers a mic voltage bias adjustment, configurable in Q-SYS Designer Software.

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