LG Display IP Control

LG Display IP Control

To give the TV IP control capability, in the main menu, go to all settings, highlight "network", then press OK, then 8,2,8,8,8,8. 

That should give you a menu with options to enable IP control and generate a password key (not necessary) as well. Enable IP control and you're almost good to go.

To get it to be able to be turned back on remotely, you must first enable "Wake On LAN":
  • Hold the settings button on the remote for 5 seconds,
  • When 'Input ID' is displayed (in top right corner), enter the password (default password is 0000), then press OK,
  • When the installation menu is displayed, select 'Signage setup',
  • In 'Signage setup', select the 'Wake On Lan' option. Set the value to ON

After you've done this, your TV will be ready for IP control. The attached Designer file contains a scriptable control with LG Display control done over TCP/IP that can be used for testing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need the MAC addresses of all displays you're controlling. Make sure to have all of the MAC addresses correlated with static IP addresses in an IP table for applications containing multiple displays.

If you have an application where a lot of displays are needing to be controlled, I can custom-script a solution that can streamline entering the IP/MAC scheme.

-Aaron Hood
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