How to Add a Wireless mic to your Logitech Rally Kit Thing

How to Add a Wireless mic to your Logitech Rally Kit Thing

Your customer has this cool Logitech system with all the cool Logitech stuff.   They really like it.   BUT,  they want a wireless microphone.   There is no "aux" input.   There is no easy way to add anything to one of these "all in one" solutions.   WELL,  there was no easy way.   There indeed is one now.

Enter the QSC CORE NANO.   The Core Nano has USB A and USB B and of course USB C.   All of the USB's are on the nano.    That means USB IN and USB OUT for audio.   SO we want to add a wireless system,  but not jack up the UX that the customer is digging on with his Rally.   Just take the Rally Speakers and Mic,  and plug them into the USB-A ports on the nano.   Feed your awesome Shure MXW system to the Nano via Dante.   Mix em all up inside the Nano's amazing DSP engine,  and spit them back out the USB type B jack over to the NUC in the Rally system.  

The user never needs to know a thing.   Just now he has wireless mics,  and his speakers sound better (because we eq'd them in the nano).   Oh...and now they are well on their way to REAL AV in the space.

This was mostly Ed Veeser from QSC's idea, but as usual,  I take full credit.

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