Help! I Want To Recover a File That Was Previously Saved to My Core!

Help! I Want To Recover a File That Was Previously Saved to My Core!

Have you ever pushed an updated Q-Sys Designer file to your Core then realized afterward that there was a file containing important information that you now just wrote over? If this has ever been you or you just want to pull an older file off of your Core, have not fear, a very specific way to address you Core is here! In your browser of choice, simply navigate to: https://[IP ADDRESS OF THE CORE]/cgi-bin/engine_utils, you will find a page that looks similar to this:

Once here, you can select/highlight the file that you want to run onto the Core and hit the "Start Engine" button and that file will be pushed to the Core for you to then pull for safe keeping. While this is no replacement for proper, safe file management, it is a great "back pocket" solution if you find your self needing a previously pushed file.

Happy programming!
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