Controlling a Sony VPL-FHZ Laser Projector

Controlling a Sony VPL-FHZ Laser Projector

We've received several requests for support when controlling the Sony VPL-FHZ line of laser projectors, we we decided to share what we know.  Thanks to Van Sherry at Sony for the support!

Both RS232 and IP control use the ADCP protocol.
RS232 is at 38400, EVEN, 8, 1 over null modem.
IP control is via the "ADCP" service, TCP port 53595.  By default ADCP over TCP uses a SHA256 hash, uncheck "Requires Authentication" on the Setup | Advanced | ADCP tab of the projectors webpage as needed. If the Authentication setting is changed please restart the ADCP service for the change to take effect.
Attached are the formal “ADCP Protocol” documents.  “ADCP Common” gives an overview of the protocol, “Support Command” lists those commands and queries the projector will accept.
ADCP is JSON based, strings are in quotes, numeric values are not.  All commands / queries are in lower case and terminate with CR + LF (0x0D 0x0A).

power “on” <CR+LF>
volume 50  <CR+LF>
input ? <CR+LF> (note the space between “input” and “?”)

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

FarmAssist Team
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